Best Sailing Shoes for Sailors, 5 Pairs

Jan 8, 2020 | Gear, Lust, Tech

Spring sailing shoes for sailors: loads afoot. Turn heads and ankles

Best sailing shoes for sailors are being predicted now in advance of spring recreation. Knowing that not everyone is a hardcore boater, we think these best shoes for sailors will also working swimmingly for boaters, cruisers, beach combers and poolside lollers.

Not Top Performance Footwear

Flop off your swim flippers and fit on fish feet. For real! Choose slip-on or thong style trendy sandals. You’re probably thinking, “Hey wait, fish are slippery. What’s the grip-rating on a deck?” The manufacturer does not yet offer that information. Only a fistful of shekels to own a pair of mackerels. Marvelous! Opinions sought–are these the best sailor shoes?

How to Hook a Whale
Yachties—do you spend most of your time with more simple-natured pole dance gals? A spartan  stiletto may make better sense for you and a mate. If she’s wearing these it’s a shoe-in you’ll both reach new heights. Together.

We could hardly contain ourselves when we saw these sexy hi-rise heels for hookers. Looks like the clean waterways theme is taking grip beyond maritime circles. Sailors, keep thinking about how to make our oceans more clean and pure. We can likely load up on a lot of trash to embed into these soles. Anyone wearing a lift like this is not thinking about being pure.

Best sailing shoes for sailors extend to pool side too, with fish flip flops. Arm yourself with these reachers for the season. No one will think these a best sailing shoes for sailors, fisherman or swimmers.

Do you believe this? We found a 2003 German news report about 8-legged, tentacled live sea creatures:

BERLIN (Reuters) – Octopuses’ eight tentacles divide up into six “arms” and two “legs,” a study published by a chain of commercial aquariums said on Thursday. Octopuses are reckoned to be the world’s most intelligent invertebrates and are able to use tools with their sucker-covered tentacles. “Helped by over 2,000 observations by visitors, teams of aquatic specialists carried out a study showing that the creatures seemed to favor their first three pairs of tentacles for grabbing and using objects,” Sea Life aquariums said.

“One can assume that the front six tentacles have the function of arms, and that the back two take over the function of legs,” said Sea Life biologist Oliver Walenciak. Unlike humans and some other animals, most octopuses did not appear to be left-handed or right-handed. Those that were suffered from eye problems on their less-favored side.

best sailing shoes for sailors

I will take 4 pairs of your best sailing shoes for sailors

Something fishy going on here and it’s rather a stinky idea, too. Here’s another option—make waves, or at least more wake at your aft. We tried to land info about these crazy fish feet, but things started stinking the closer we got. We scuppered our slipper caper once the fisherman starting telling us how big the things really were. Fish feet would also come handy as live bait.

We’d prefer them for natural beauty treatments–the essential fish oils would likely soften and moisture a lot of rough scaly patches on our soles.

Two-Feet Below to Find More Sailing Shoes for Sailors

Speaking of reaching, many of these fish footers are not good for running. Yaw, you saw that coming! Wish we were armed with pricing or could include a bit more ink about these various best sailing shoes for sailors. If you think any of these products, our our reportage, is pretty bad, take a look at Mexican pointy boots on a boat.