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Was Utah Monolith Swiped by 10 Strong San Francisco Sailors?

Dec 31, 2021 | Sailing, Lifestyle

“a blinding light observed at marks roundings is a clue to Utah monolith disappearance”

New clues emerge, in what seems to some, a blatantly amusing snatch of the Utah monolith by youth sailboat racers.

Rogue in-training Pico boat racers were seen on Sunday carting a large reflective object from shore to storage. When queried, the youths offered no explanation. Parents observing the weekend regatta reported intermittent bright flashes of light on the water. One grandparent asserted the vision to be strongest at buoy marks roundings, and further claimed a clatch of clinking in that region.

Utah Monolith May Have Been Taken By Pico Racers

Regatta Race Committee concurred to having seen a similar blinding light during pre-race boat configurations, but that the flare did not affect the start line sequence. Adding to the day’s rift, marks setters remain puzzled by the mysterious three feet north displacement of the upwind tetrahedron, plus a large lateral gash that likely caused its deflation during sailboat race three. What remains are questions as to the athlete’s abilities to snag the famed Utah landmark and keep it from rusting while at water’s edge

Did Pico sailboat racers snag the famed monolith in a land grab? Are rogue youths to blame in this dirty deed? It may be that the landmark was snagged by weekend Pico warrior sailing youth.