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Shakespeare for Sailors: It’s Great to See 1 Bard Aboard

Nov 29, 2020 | Sailing

Have you heard The Bard talking about Shakespeare for sailors?

Did you struggle through sonnets and such in school? Now that you are a full fledged and talented sailor, we bet that those many hours over the water have cultivated a refined and lofty appreciation for literature and sport and Shakespeare for sailors.

Ergo, let’s revisit Shakespeare with keener fascination. Wicked on the takedown, did you know that by the age of 17, The Bard boatman had accomplished far more than most social media influencers will ever achieve in an entire lifetime?

Little Known Facts About Shakespeare for Sailors Bard

  • Shakespeare was the first man to sail solo from Detroit to Jamaica.
  • His early machinery and physics illustrations greatly influenced the design of today’s foiling yachts.
  • His clever grasp of grammar obviously paved the path for many of today’s loved country and western Grammy Award sonnets.
  • A naturalist, he cultivated chia seed propagation using discarded skulls of small forest animals. Filling with dirt and seed, he placed the skulls in a sunny spot until sprouts were observed.
  • Had late night television been his thing, he may have pioneered something similar to Medieval QVC.
  • He brought back native tree sap from Asia. Seeking to reduce the number of cobblestone street trips and falls that befell his neighbors, he applied thick sap application to their sandals and foot swaddling.
  • He patented the sap solution for use on cobblestone streets, as well as other wet and uneven, ever-changing surfaces.

Shakespeare for Sailors, was Shakespeare a Sailor?

Was the man a sailor? Did he and wife, Anne Hathaway, or his children, Susanna and twins Hamnet and Judith, ever hit the waves? Maybe the parents enrolled the kids in junior sailor? Hard to tell. Rumors say that he was wealthy enough to be a moneylender; maybe even a venture capitalist.

He tinkered as a gardener, a lawyer, even as a Franciscan. And yes, details listed in his Wikipedia profile conjecture that he was a sailor. If true re: being a sailor, in modern days, what role on the boat would best suit the man? Foredeck or trim? Maybe he was a beast on the mainsail. Perhaps he even penned a learn to sail manual or monthly, “Shakespeare for Sailors.”

Looks like we have a header–a good thing for most Shakespeare for sailors. Shakespeare for sailors, Shakespeare and sailors, was Shakespeare a sailor? Get your Shakespeare riffs.