First Coastal Cleanup Attracts 6 Sailing Science Center Volunteers

Sep 30, 2020 | Editorial, Environment

As appearing in ‘Lectronic Latitude, September 30, 2020

Volunteers head out early for coastal cleanup. Volunteers from the San Francisco Science Sailing Center tackled a coastline clean-up on the north side of Treasure Island’s Clipper Cove last Sunday, September 27. Over the span of two hours the Sailing Science Center volunteer crew amassed a wide range of debris — from plastic wrappers, water bottles, Styrofoam containers and discarded metal pieces to fishing line and cigarette butts.

Coastal Cleanup Litter on Land and Sea

“We filled two dozen bags’ worth of trash that we removed from a 100-yard stretch of shoreline to the west of the Treasure Island Sailing Center, plus another 50-yard stretch to the east,” said James Hancock, president and founder of the Sailing Science Center. Continuing, “While the tie-in with sailing science may seem oblique, one of the major motivations for the Sailing Science Center is to expose people to the marine environment and cultivate ways for them to strengthen a sense of stewardship for the ocean. As Treasure Island continues to develop, it attracts many visitors; not all of whom show equal care for the environment.”

coastal cleanup of litter

Sailing Science Center Volunteers Pick Up Litter

Volunteer Alex Francois added, “Spending a few hours combing through the shores of Clipper Cove on a coastal cleanup was an eye opener in seeing how much litter is left behind. Unfortunately, much of it gets trapped in the coastline’s rocks, and some is pulled into the water by the tides. We can do better.” The San Francisco Science Sailing Center is a nonprofit comprised of enthusiastic individuals who share a passion for sailing, science and the environment. This was the organization’s first coastal clean-up day. Additional litter removal sessions are being planned for 2021.

The San Francisco Sailing Science Center is a non-profit public benefit corporation recognized under IRS Section 501(c)(3), tax ID 82-3631165. The organization was formed with the purpose of creating an interactive science museum framed around sailing. The team is designing a museum that is fun for attendees, while having strong STEAM education underpinnings. The members are passionate about sailing, science, education and making a lasting difference in their communities. Visit

About Bayfront Cleanup at Clipper Cove

Clipper Cove, located on Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay, was named after the Pan American  “clipper ships.” These were amphibious airplanes that rounded Cape Horn (not boats). The cove was formed when Treasure Island was developed for the World’s Fair in 1939. For the most part, commercial traffic generally passes east of Pier 1 — well outside the cove. The Cove has a safe and protected harbor, and generally smooth waters with minimal current. Its sheltered location makes it a perfect spot for a learn to sail school. Any winds that flow from the west travels through the Golden Gate Bridge, along the San Francisco City front, then flow over the causeway and into Clipper Cove.