Pattycake, Pattycake Bake me 1 Huge Nauticake

Mar 31, 2018 | Food & Beverage

Which Pattycake Bake is Best for Skipper Pat?

What is a pattycake bake? Is it anything like the official chocolate cake of the U.S. Navy?

At the northern end of the San Francisco Bay can be found the Vallejo Yacht Club—one of the season’s earliest clubs to launch its Bay Area beercan racing. April through end of September provides club racers with Wednesday nights designated for fun. Generally speaking, opening day means opening a can—not slicing up a celebratory chocolate, strawberry, vanilla or even coffee cake.

I lucked out though. On my regular VYC boat Summer and Smoke, skipper Pat has timed his birthday to coincide with the season’s first regatta race down Mare Island Channel. Time for a party–and naturally this got me thinking about what maritime cake I should put on order for the crew. It wasn’t hard to find inspiration on Pinterest. Ocean cakes, seaweed designs, fish funnel cakes, towering confections with crashing waves all around—there are some stunners out there.

While the sailor guys are fussing over beer, I will be focus on solid foods. The question is, “which pattycake birthday creation?” These nauticakes are all looking mighty fine. Even if our Vallejo boat heels over during beercan race number one—and the confectionery topples over into a cake wreck—I intend to have my cake and eat it too.

best cake for sailors and sailing cakes

The above sailor cake gem is from Ini, a cake designer who owns and operates Erivana Cakes in St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. Nigerian-born Ini styles creations for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms and more. I wonder if she has tried a hand a cake for opening day.

For above two-tiered delight,it is smooth sailing for Helena Kastanis of Sweet Tiers and her christening cake for Alexandros. Waves of blue fondant lap around both tiers, and little boats with rice paper sails head to the races. Helena is based in Melbourne, Australia. Aside from top sailors, seems the country has winning pattycake bake a cake decorators too. 
Pattycake bake me a nauticake–what sailors love to eat. “My idea is to bring the whole design into 3d while still maintaining a multi-tiers shape so the design will appear like it is carved into a cake,” says Vina Jafar, whose sail plan took three afternoons to complete.

Day one: bake cake and prepare gum paste dough.

Day two: assemble cake, sculpt four elementary waves plus a little piece for the boat. Prepare sails, clouds, anchor, kraken hands and upper waves from gum paste; let dry. Paint anchor and kraken hands using food colors, then brush sails with chocolate powder to create rustic effect.

Day three: cover cake with fondant and draw details using edible color marker. Air brush cake using food colors. Put everything into place.

how to bake bake-a-nauticake-tower

By not sailing off the edge of the earth, Planet Cake has created more than 12,000 designer cakes for A-listers such as Celine Dion, Rihanna, John Travolta, Lady Gaga and various other individuals. The crew has built a realistic replica of the Sydney Opera House for Australia Day 2011—cake weight more than 1.3 tons and requiring 32 decorators. Founder Paris Cutler bought Planet Cake in 2003. Since then she has cooked up books, television appearances, decorating schools and plenty of desserts. When will she make a pattycake bake? 

blue and green ocean decor cake for sailor

The above best cake for sailors is from family run Mother and Me has a foundation and fondant made from love. This Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, duo doublehands all creations, claiming, “nothing is too crazy, odd or tricky!” Consistent medal winners over the years at Cake International London, this pair is skating with the title Cake Makers for Dancing on Ice 2018. Next to work on a pattycake bake.