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Best Beer for Sailors to Bring Onboard 1 Boat

Sep 15, 2017 | Food & Beverage

With a weekend of heavy duty racing coming up, what is the best beer for sailors who come in tired from racing on San Francisco Bay? Without a doubt, the St. Francis Yacht Club, host of ROLEX Big Boats Series, will have ample stock of both beer and rum for racers. The club is known for its flowing dockside ale at the docks post-regatta racing. And at the parties–load up on food truck fare, yards of charcuterie and plenty of Mount Gay rum.

Interested in exotic ideas? We have compiled a brew hit list of best beers for sailors. We also share a best rum for sailors suggestion list. What goes together better: sailors and rum or sailors and beer? Take notes, head to Whole Foods, load up.

If you are inspired to pick up something from this best beers for sailors list let us know. Got a few alternate favorite beers for sailors? Share some names. We can add to our best drinks for sailors shopping list. You do not want to run dry on the supply.

Beer is a staple for many sailors, and a must on most boats. There is not much time to drink a beer between races on San Francisco Bay during Big Boats. However, there is usually time for a beer with the crew while motoring in from the day’s thrashing. Prime time deserves prime liquids. What is the best beer for sailors on a race boat?

Did you know that in the olden days, before sailors were offered a daily ration of rum, weak beer was the norm on Navy ships. It was also a standard provision for sailors. Beer provided a degree of nutrition, plus required calories. Beer could also be used to sop up the hardtack bread requisite for long voyages.

ROLEX Big Boat Series Offers Best Beers for Sailors

The St. Francis Yacht Club’s annual ROLEX Big Boats Series is considered to be one of the West Coast’s premier regattas. Big Boat Series (BBS) attracts world-caliber competitors to four days of buoy and ocean racing on San Francisco Bay. It is the St. Francis Yacht Club’s signature event. Race divisions include ORR, HPR and BAMA (multihull) handicaps, plus multiple one-design classes. Spectators have a water’s edge view, highlighted by a magnificent backdrop of a lowering sun on the west, plus spinnakers against the Golden Gate Bridge. Racing traditionally happens in blustery September over four days, Thursday thru Sunday. Learn what are the best beers for sailors in New England.

Best Beer for Sailors:

  • Etched in stone on a best beers for sailors list: Scrimshaw
  • The Tide and Its Takers may sweep you off your feet
  • What’s the deal with bananas and bad luck? Is Banana Bread Beer ok on a boat?
  • If San Francisco Bay winds persist, double down and double up on Ballast Point
  • Nukin’ Futz seems to ne an ideal downwind spinny beer when moving with the current
  • Piraat. Any Belgian sailors at Big Boat Series? I’d like to hear how you pronounce this beer when sober, and when inebriated
  • Celebrator is all about you, and you know it’s a best beer candidate for sailors

Skipper Rum from Guyana

I hear others say that Skipper Rum is “the best in this rum world.” Every time I hear someone say Sailor Jerry, I hear Norm’s whiny voice (you know, from the Jerry Seinfeld show)

  • If you don’t fall to leeward, you could fall to Wayward. However, if you go a faster course with more wind, may get you the Bulleit, even if it is bourbon
  • The Kraken: it’s about four times more fun than double-fisted drinking
  • “Space at the mark!” Ok, “Room at the mark!”
best beer for sailors
best beer for sailors