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Food & Beverage

Fabulously Feeds 100: Official Chocolate Cake of Navy

Official World War II chocolate cake recipe used by the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier. Serves 100 sailor.

Fantastic Sailor Fortune Cookie, Part 1

The sailor fortune cookie will help you seek fame and wealth on your plate. look for crisp fortune cookies for sailors.

The Best Beer and Boats: How Did the 2 Become so Inseparable?

Beer and boats. No matter the brew, sailors remain devotees of both—so much so that entire sailboat racing series have been named for this refresher.

Pattycake, Pattycake Bake me 1 Huge Nauticake

Let them drink beer. I intend to have my pattycake bake nauticake and eat it too.

What are sailors eating and drinking these days?

Best Beer for Sailors to Bring Onboard 1 Boat

Best Beer for Sailors to Bring Onboard 1 Boat

What goes together better: sailors and rum or sailors and beer? Good thing is that Rolex Big Boat Series racers won’t have to pick ‘tween one or the other; they can have both—and for free at the parties. But in case there’s concern about dockside ale or rum running dry, we’ve compiled a brew hit list of best beers for sailors.

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