What a Pip, Times 2, Great Vallejo Race 2020 Winner

Summer Smoke hits snake eyes in weekend racing, takes Best Overall trophy at Great Vallejo Race 2020.

Rolex Big Boats San Francisco 2019 Saturday

Rolex Big Boat Series San Francisco 2019, Saturday.

Top 10 Moments: Great Vallejo Race 2019 Onboard Summer & Smoke

1 for number of times skipper says, “F-me” while on the sand bar. And 1 for first place. But that was last year.

Vibrant Tips for Trimming Mainsail: Am I Possessive? Is the 1 Guest Obsessive?

Need tips for trimming a mainsail? I need a refresher on “polite ways to deal with guest sailor know-it-alls.”

Onboard views shows best action.