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SF Blue Tech Powers First Happy Hour Event August 9

Note: to support San Francisco blue tech companies, Martha Blanchfield started SF Blue Tech. Five years ago if the term 'blue tech' was used in discussion, most could reference Saildrone, Marine Mammal Center, Schmidt Ocean, maybe Baykeeper or San Francisco Estuary...

Beach Plastic Survey Great For Citizen Scientists

Want to help with beach plastics surveys? Get a feel for the task, see below pages from The Ocean Cleanup beach sampling booklet.

No Deposit, No Return. Down and Very Dirty in 1960s San Francisco

“No Deposit, No Return” documentary San Francisco in the 1960s shows polluted city.

First Coastal Cleanup Attracts 6 Sailing Science Center Volunteers

Coastal clean-up San Francisco nets truckload of litter found on Treasure Island.

Here are a few more posts about the ocean and environment.