That’s Knot Racing: 3 Big Stalled South Beach YC Events

Appearing in Latitude 38 March 2024, pages 81 - 82 Most mariners know bluster boy Njörð. From Norse mythology, he’s the guy who pulls the strings for wind, sea and all bounty of the ocean. He gets the text message whenever a sailor needs goodwill seafaring; he’s also...

Masterful Big Waves at Westpoint Regatta, July 8 

One skipper said action was the best in the race’s history, with “thrilling and challenging” conditions. A July 8 YRA destination event, The Westpoint Regatta is gaining in popularity. The start is staged near Berkeley Pier ruins; course runs westward to Harding, then...

Belvedere Classic and Great Schooner Race 1 in 3 Part Series

Belvedere Classic and Great Schooner Race in San Francisco is one event in a three-part series for classic yachts. This event was held July 15 and hosted by San Francisco Yacht Club. The non-schooner division attracted 16 entrants; four boats competed in schooner...

New Years Race for Master Mariners: Chili and (Friendly) Chiding

Chili and (friendly) chidings on New Years Day Master Mariner race 2023.

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